Success Stories

Team– Two teams merge in to one

The Challenge
A restructuring process in a public sector organisation saw two previously separate departments being brought together under one Director, with the newly formed team being responsible for delivering an integrated service. The disruption caused by the organisational changes was making its presence felt, however, with evidence of silo thinking and different agendas standing in the way of true integration. Wild Thinking was asked to coach the team to help build an effective, collaborative working culture.

Our Approach
After an initial brief from the Director, we took the core leadership team offsite to allow them to get to know each other properly and to work on developing a shared clarity of purpose for the newly formed team. Two weeks later, we delivered a successful offsite team coaching day for the full team at the stunning Glenmore Lodge Outdoor Centre in the heart of the Cairngorm National Park. Working with our corporate story teller, the group created their vision of what they wanted to achieve and explored how to develop their roles and the culture they wanted to create. We then helped them to focus in on specific goals and commitments to making their vision become a reality. Following the offsite, we coached the Leadership Team in the weeks following the event to ensure that the energy generated at the team coaching day was sustained and that the ideas were able to be implemented effectively.

Wild Thinking’s team coaching allowed the team to fully embrace the opportunity of the new structure. They now have a clear understanding of where they are heading and are starting to fire on all cylinders. Feedback from the Director and the team members shows that they are working to a common sense of purpose and supporting each other well. Motivation levels and the general working environment have improved greatly.