Success Stories

Team– coaching for a major project leadership team

The Challenge
Our client is a leading global oil and gas sector services company, delivering construction work for many oil majors. When one particularly large contract was starting to approach renewal time, Wild Thinking was asked to work with the Project Leadership Team to help them to retain the business. Key changes had been made to the structure of the account team to help improve the interface with the customer. We were asked to coach the new look leadership team to accelerate their development and to work on key opportunities to develop performance leading up to contract renewal.

Our Approach
After an initial briefing and contracting session with the team, we carried out 1:1 diagnostic interviews to help identify performance blockers. This led to the creation of a series of goals and milestones that would take the team to where they needed to be to retain the contract. We then held three offsite team coaching sessions to work on each of these goals. The sessions were short, focused and to the point. The emphasis was on generating actionable outcomes that would make a sustained difference to performance. An important part of the success of this process was the way in which the team was able to reach out to other parts of the organisation and bring in additional people and resources when required.

Feedback from the team shows that they now have a strong sense of alignment and common purpose. They are focused on the areas that make a difference to their performance and the overall morale and motivation in the Project has increased as a direct result. The contract renewal date is approaching, which will be the acid test..