Success Stories

Team– Wells leadership team take time out

The Challenge
Our client is the Wells Leadership Team of a mid-sized oil and gas development company. We have worked with the team over a period of time, including our Team Pulse and Team Challenge sessions. Faced with a tough looking year, the team decided to take a couple of days out to reflect on their achievements and develop a plan for success in the 12 months to come.  Wild Thinking was asked to design and facilitate the Team Retreat session to make sure that this investment time was successful in further strengthening the effectiveness of the team and creating alignment behind focused action plans.

Our Approach
The initial priority was to engage with the team to get clarity on where they saw the key challenges and development opportunities for the team. They identified 3 performance drivers around which we then built the agenda and process.  Over 2 days in a beautiful country house hotel, we then used our Performance PRISM tool to develop goals, strategy and action plans. The pre-work had allowed us to plan the session well. We made sure that the right people were there and they had all the information to review the key areas and make good decisions on the way forward.  Performance PRISM allowed us to cover a lot of ground very efficiently. This kept the level of engagement very high and left us plenty of time to enjoy the surroundings and for the team to continue to get to know each other better.

The team left the session energised and aligned on what their focus would be for the next 12 months. Each performance driver has its PRISM and these are used to keep people focused, track actions and monitor performance. Our client sponsor was delighted with the session and amazed at the amount of ground we covered in the time we had.