About Us

We are a team of trained, experienced and highly motivated professional facilitators. Our job is to design and facilitate virtual and face to face workshops that help organisations to think, discuss, plan and learn in new and exciting ways.

We believe that when it comes to making a difference and driving positive change, it is people that make it all possible. We help groups to think bigger and work smarter, through innovative workshops that lead to fresh ideas, alignment and clarity.

Every one of us has deep experience in business and learning environments. We have been there; we have experienced the full spectrum of challenges that hold organisations back and we have definitely attended some very dull and ineffective meetings! But we also know what it feels like when things click – when people feel listened to, when the debate is inspired, when people are daring to think differently and importantly, when things feel organised, structured and focused.

Our role at Wild Thinking is to use all of our knowledge and experience to make sure that your particular event is:

  • Designed around the needs of the group and the specific outcomes they want
  • Using the best possible approach and methodologies
  • Facilitated by someone with the right fit, skill set and experience

We are not grandstanders or attention seekers; we are not there to tell anyone what they should do, and we always remain steadfastly neutral. Our job is simply to facilitate successful sessions for the participants – to make it easier for the group to have the conversations that they want to have and to find their own answers.

What is a facilitator?

Someone who helps a group to work together to get better results. We are there to create an environment where people can show up at their best. We do this through focusing on process not on the actual content of the conversation. We leave that bit to you!

When to use a facilitator?

A facilitator can add real value in situations where you are bringing people together and you want to set the group up for success:

  • Team development
  • Away Days
  • Innovation workshops
  • Project kick offs
  • Strategy development
  • Corporate retreats
  • Staff engagement

Why use a facilitator?

By working with a facilitator, you will make sure that:

  • The group gels and that the session engages hearts and minds
  • You can be a participant just like everyone else, rather than actually running the session
  • The group will have the best opportunity to achieve their desired outcomes
  • Certain individuals won’t dominate the discussions
  • Everyone will be comfortable to fully contribute
  • The session will be properly planned to achieve the desired outcomes
  • The session will be energised and creative
  • Everything is well organised, that there is structure, that the group stay on topic and that there is clear follow up

What does a facilitator actually do?

Good facilitators bring a wide skill set to the design and facilitation of a group session. These include:

  • Understanding the needs of the group
  • Developing an agenda that will deliver the right outcomes
  • Advice on the venue selection and the layout of the room to ensure the best possible environment
  • Putting the participants at ease and creating the right atmosphere for engagement and collaboration
  • Understanding the dynamics in the group and tailoring the approach accordingly
  • Select the processes that will make it easier for the group to achieve what they are there to do
  • Introduce and frame focused breakout sessions
  • Use questions and challenges where necessary to stimulate debate and reflection
  • Manage the energy levels in the room
  • Unblock the group when it gets stuck
  • Help the group move to alignment, to make decisions and commit to future plans
  • Produce a detailed and accurate write up from the session
  • Follow up and review with the session leader