Success Stories

Team– Developing Team Performance

The Challenge
Our client, a major oil company, asked Wild Thinking to work with the award winning crew of one of its mobile rigs. A move to the UK sector of the North Sea meant big changes in their operating environment. This was a good opportunity for the crew to take time out to continue to develop their performance with an eye on winning further awards for their performance.

Our Approach
The first step was to meet with the leadership team to work on their alignment behind a clear set of priorities and messages for the crew. We designed and delivered a series of 4 x 2 day events, attended by around 50 people each, from a diverse range of skillsets and nationalities. The highly interactive events focused on safety, operations and managing change. Working in small coaching groups, everyone was kept highly engaged throughout. Activity, including group drumming and leadership challenges, kept up the energy, built relationships and created powerful learning opportunities. The sessions ended with time for everybody to make their own commitments to developing safety and operational performance. We then met again with the leadership team to ensure that the crew’s work at the sessions fed directly in to the Rig’s performance agenda for 2012. Every participant then received a detailed write-up of the events.

Feedback was highly positive. The crews valued the opportunity to work closely with each other and with leadership to develop their performance. People felt consulted, involved and motivated. The clear and detailed output from the sessions was fed directly in to the rig’s performance agenda. Both the leadership team and the crew rated the events as being highly enjoyable and of great value.