Success Stories

Team– Major Organisational Development Project

The Challenge
Our client is a major public sector organisation which was in the process of integrating various service delivery functions under one umbrella department. They asked Wild Thinking to help them implement these changes, with a focus on developing a strong central leadership team, moving away from silo based working and engaging the wider workforce and with stakeholders. Our Approach
After initial brief and 1:1 diagnostic sessions with key individuals, we designed a series of interventions. The first stage was a workshop for the Leadership Team at which we explored what key stakeholders needed from them. We then translated this in to a Team Vision and Purpose and went on to use this as a basis of a Team Charter, which covered values, performance measures etc.  It was important to clearly establish roles and boundaries within the new organisational structure. To do this, we used a live case study to help clarify the boundaries, and in particular to decide how the various service delivery arms would interface with each other going forward. The next stage of the project was to roll out the Team Charter to the wider organisation. We organised a series of events for Tier 2 managers at which the members of the Leadership Team introduced themselves and talked about what the Team Charter meant to them. This very personal approach set the tone for the rest of the managers, who then worked in facilitated groups to engage with the Team Charter and think through what it meant for their own team’s accountabilities and working culture. They then identified the specific actions that would be needed to fully embrace this new structure.  We then held follow up sessions with the Leadership Team to measure progress and to resolve any outstanding performance issues.

The feedback from both the Leadership Team and the Tier 2 Managers was excellent. The programme of interventions was seen as being a great opportunity both to establish the foundations of a successfully integrated leadership platform and to build a collaborative working culture across a diverse group of departments.