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“Formula for success: rise early,
work hard, strike oil.”
J. Paul Getty

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team start-up workshop

Our approach to Team Start-Ups was developed in the demanding world of the oil and gas industry, where teams need to get up to speed rapidly to ensure safety and performance in the challenging offshore environment.
Who is it for:
New or expanding teams that need to hit the ground running.
What to expect:
The first step is a Leadership Alignment session to make sure that the ingredients for a successful Team Start-Up are in place. The Team Start-Up workshop itself will be fast moving, interactive and highly participative. The Wild Thinking approach will be a breath of fresh air. You will be up and out of your seat, working with and getting to know new people, while actively building the foundations of a great new team. Workshops can be anything from a half day to 3 days in length and would ideally be held in a suitably inspiring off-site venue.
• Joined up leadership
• Clarity on the purpose and goals of the team
• People getting to know each other’s strengths and working styles
• Good understanding of roles and responsibilities
• Positive morale
• Agreement and alignment on the team’s vision,values and behaviours
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“ If you want to succeed you should
strike out on new paths, rather than
travel the worn paths of accepted Success”
John D. Rockefeller

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team challenge workshop

It could be a tough annual sales target, a project gateway or a new venture. If a team has a big challenge ahead, this is an opportunity to take time out and agree on how to up their game. This workshop allows teams to look ahead and to help the team to thrive in the tough times as well as the good.
Who is it for:
Established teams looking to develop performance and gear up for a specific challenge.
What to expect:
We start by working with the team prior to the workshop itself to create real clarity around the nature of the challenge ahead and to identify the associated development opportunities.
We then design a programme to help the team to work on the areas that they have identified in a dynamic, creative and highly interactive workshop. You will work outdoors wherever possible, using energising and memorable activities that will allow the team to explore aspects of the real life challenge.
Learning will be captured and transferred back in to the Team’s Challenge Pact – a simple, but powerful tool to capture the team’s strategy, action plan, commitments to each other and promises to stakeholders. Outcomes:
• The team will be energised and prepared for their challenge
• They will know what is being required of them and why
• They will have agreed on what they will do more of, or do differently, to be able to deliver
• Improved communication, awareness of individual and team strengths and possible weaknesses
• A Team Challenge Pact that captures the essence of the team’s performance commitments
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“Success is a science;
if you have the conditions,
you get the result”
Oscar Wilde

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team pulse workshop

Great teams don’t happen by accident, and likewise they don’t stay great without care and attention. Our Team Pulse programmes are designed for established teams that want to operate to their full potential – teams that appreciate the value of taking time out to health check their effectiveness.
Who is it for:
Established teams who want to take time on a regular basis, to continually develop their performance.
What to expect:
We use on line diagnostic tools to engage with the team and then build up workshops around agreed development opportunities.
Using a wide range of profiling tools, we help teams to appreciate the strengths and resources available to them and identify new and powerful ways of working together. Rather than being one-off sessions, our Team Pulse programmes feature regular check-ins to track and develop the team’s fitness over time.
• Clarity on the team’s view of their own performance
• A development path to increase effectiveness over time
• Motivating goals to help drive forward performance
• Increased openness, improved communication and morale
• Better awareness of strengths and how to optimise performance by playing to strengths

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“Thinking is the hardest
work there is, which is probably
the reason why so few engage in it.”
Henry Ford

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team retreats

Have you had your heads down for months, working hard to meet deadlines and deliver for clients and stakeholders? Perhaps you and the team are so far in to the forest, that you can no longer see the wood from the trees? Maybe you want to celebrate a truly fantastic year, recharge and work out how to build on your success for next year. One thing is sure: taking time out to reflect, re-energise, think, plan and tackle the bigger issues will be a sound investment.
Wild Thinking organises Team Retreats that allow you to spend quality, effective time together. We will work with you to understand the objectives you want, before designing a bespoke package including accommodation, facilitation and activities.
Who is it for:
Leadership teams looking to take time away to re-connect, re-energise, celebrate and plan
What to expect:
A bespoke Team Retreat that will include initial consultancy to establish the goals and desired outcomes, the design of the agenda and programme, access to a range of high quality accommodation and catering, a range of outdoor and indoor activities, and a Wild Thinking facilitator to help you to achieve your pre-agreed business objectives.
• Opportunities to address and resolve big issues and questions
• Improved morale and motivation
• Stronger team and interpersonal relationships
• Fresh perspectives and new ideas
• Better teamwork
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