Thriving in a Crisis – Commitment

In the third film in our mini-series on how teams can thrive in a crisis, Simon Coker looks at what leaders can do to make sure that their teams really buy into decisions. At a time when clarity and commitment are vital ingredients, this is a great skill to work on.

We are holding a free virtual workshop looking at “How teams can thrive in a crisis” on Tuesday 14th at 1.00 pm. We would love to have you there. You can register using this link:


Thriving in a Crisis – Trust

Trust is the glue that binds great teams together. In a crisis, especially when distancing is the new normal, we must work very hard to build and maintain trusting relationships. In this short film, Simon Coker talks about what we can do to make sure that our teams continue to thrive while working remotely. We are sharing a series of short films in the next few days, building up to an online workshop on the 14th April at 1.00pm.

In the session, you will be able to talk with peers and take away usable ideas for successful leadership and teamwork in a crisis. Click on the link to register and please share. We look forward to seeing you next week. Stay safe.