Fit @ $50

Big change for crude oil price


Depending on your priorities, the current slump in the oil price could be good news! Fuel at a little over £1.00 a litre, for example, feels pretty good.

If you are actually working in the industry, however, the positives are scarcer than hen’s teeth. The one exception is the idea of businesses being “fit at $50 (or even $40)”. This is the idea that if organisations can get their act together to be viable in a downturn, then when things pick up they will be laughing. The good news for us at Wild Thinking is that clients who want to be “fit at $50” really do need to work smarter and that’s where we can help!



This is a time to be asking big questions about the way that you work as a business:

  • How can we increase production and reduce costs?
  • How can we improve performance without compromising safety?
  • How can we reduce waste?
  • How can we get our people to go the extra mile?
  • How do we get people thinking differently?


And perhaps the biggest question of all: ”What if….?”

We are here to help our clients think through these questions and put in place powerful strategies for change. Not only that, but we have also been making sure that our business is fit at $50!

At Wild Thinking, we have been busy building up our own expertise and resources so that we can ensure that the contribution we make keeps pace with the challenges our clients are experiencing.

We have simplified four key areas that combine to bring about a fit organisation. Performance coaching is usually for managers and leaders to aid them to get the most from those working for them. Performance skills training for leaders, individuals and teams will build on motivation and engagement making for high performance teams. Performance workshop facilitation is always tailored to the requirements of the unique projects and goals at hand. And finally our Performance programmes put the structure in place to sustain the high performance teams that have been built.

The above links will give you more information about the benefits of developing stronger teams, but if you want further information on how we have already helped some of the biggest players in the industry or have any unanswered questions we are always only a click or a call away.

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