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“Before anything else,
preparation is the key to success”,
Alexander Graham Bell.

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Workshop Facilitation

What we do:

You want to take the department or your team offsite for a day or two work through issues, opportunities, strategy or developments. We can help you to ensure that the session will exceed expectations, be good fun and deliver lasting value. Our Wild Thinking facilitation style is highly engaging, creative and structured.

We will work closely with you to design the workshop and select a suitable venue. We will include appropriate energisers, experiential learning activities and processes for decision making, prioritising and action planning, while facilitating the session with energy and humour. We will also prepare full follow up materials for all the participants.

Our workshops include:

Performance Development

Aimed at teams who want to boost their performance. We will help you to:

• Clarify your team goals
• Review current performance
• Identify key opportunities to make the shift to higher performance
• Agree on an action plan, success measures and learning system

Vision and Mission

Designed for organisations wanting to review, update or generate their Vision and Mission statements. We will make sure that this session is:

• Engaging for everyone involved (we have successfully run these sessions with over 100 people)
• Creative and generative
• Highly structured
• Conclusive & memorable

Project Start Ups

As a Project Director, you will want to make sure that the project team hits the ground running right from the off – that they understand each other, are properly aligned behind the same goals and are fully engaged with the project plan. Wild Thinking’s Project Start Up workshops will make sure that:

• You establish clear leadership expectations
• Everyone is aligned behind the project schedule and goals
• You have the right success measures in place
• You are putting performance at the heart of the Project’s DNA via a Project Charter
• Clarity on roles and responsibilities

Building Strong Business Partnerships

Having the right business relationship in place with your supplier (or client!) is key to delivering success. When two or more organisations come together to deliver complex work, the people factors are absolutely key to success. Wild Thinking’s Building Strong Business Partnerships workshop will deliver:

• Understanding each other’s organisations goals and values
• Get to know the key people – their experience, working styles, their personal goals
• Clear mutual expectations
• Clarity on roles and expectations
• Agreement on how to handle potential conflict and difficult conversations

Leadership Team Off-sites

Great leadership teams need careful development. Time together can be limited day to day, so taking time out together to get to know each other properly and work on strategic opportunities can be a great idea. The key to success is to have a carefully structured process and a good balance of work and social time. Wild Thinking works with leadership teams to design and deliver off-sites that:

• Are structured to get straight to the key issues of the day
• Use powerful facilitation and team coaching tools to help make decisions and plan success strategies
• Have great activities built in to the agenda that are in keeping with the meeting context, are fun and great learning experiences

Staff Engagement Sessions

Actively engaged team members will always go the extra mile to deliver success, but research shows that only 14% of employees fall in to this category. The rest are treading water at best, or actively sabotaging the work of the team at worst! As a leader, you will see the importance of taking time out to let your people fully embrace strategic initiatives and feel a real sense of ownership of how they then deliver the work involved.  Wild Thinking’s Staff Engagement Sessions will deliver:

• The opportunity for leadership to clearly and persuasively communicate with their teams
• Structured discussion sessions for the team to explore strategic plans and agree on tactical implementation