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“What helps people,
helps business.”
Leo Burnett

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Skills Training 

What we do:

We have lot’s of experience in training business people in the essential skills of leading high performance teams. We tailor our courses to the context of your business and aim to grow skills in a practical, hands on way that makes great use of time and focuses the trainee on how and where to implement their new found abilities to be able to add the maximum value and continue their learning journey.

Here are some examples of the types of courses that Wild Thinking have designed and delivered:

Coaching Skills

Aimed at managers or in-house coaches, this powerful 2 day course is a great introduction to performance coaching tools and skills to get the best out of their people including listening , asking powerful questions, non-verbal communication. It covers:

• goal setting
• contracting
• powerful tools for coaching both individuals and teams

High Impact Communication Skills

Aimed at leaders and managers, this 2 day course is all about developing your presentation and interpersonal communication skills to make sure that get your point across persuasively and make a great impression. It covers:

• Motivating and inspiring others
• Discover your natural communication style and learn how to adapt it to your audience
• Planning meetings and presentations for maximum results
• Eliminating miscommunication

Building Motivation and Engagement

Aimed at team leaders and managers, this 2 day course builds a practical understanding of tools and techniques for building a motivated and actively engaged team. It covers:

• Understanding basic motivational needs
• Finding out what motivates others
• The engagement spectrum
• How to develop active engagement

Building High Performance Teams

Designed for team leaders, this 2 day course is designed to deliver the hands on skills needed to develop great teams. It covers:

• Identifying different types of team
• Defining team success
• Creating a Team Charter
• Understanding and using different leadership styles
• Running great team meetings

Facilitation Skills

Aimed at anyone who needs to run a challenging meeting or workshop. Having good facilitation skills can be the difference between success and failure in any session with diverse individuals or complex discussions. This course covers:

• Designing and planning a successful session
• Icebreakers
• Brainstorming and problem solving
• Voting
• Prioritisation