“Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning.” Bill Gates

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Performance Programmes

What we do:

We love seeing people leaving our workshops with smiling faces and a spring in their step. We also know, however, that with the best will in the world, one-off interventions will rarely achieve the long term performance development goals that our clients need. As the warm afterglow fades, ingrained attitudes and working styles tend to re-establish themselves.

This is why we recommend investing in a carefully structured Performance Development Programme. Driven initially by our Performance Gap Analysis and clarity on your goals, we would work with you to create a 6 to 12 month programme that balances coaching, skills training and engagement workshops. The outcomes will deliver deep rooted change, active engagement and empowered, motivated people working smarter than ever.

Our Programmes Include:

STRETCH – Empowerment based leadership

Our STRETCH empowerment based leadership training programme is designed for leaders at any level in your organisation. The 2-day transformational course is based around the 7 STRETCH principles and is designed to help leaders to get the very best out of themselves and others.  Following the programme delegates agree that they have higher levels of:

• Job satisfaction
• Collaboration
• Productivity
• Innovation


Teamworks is a structured programme that builds and sustains fit, empowered, high performing teams.  It helps business teams to get clear on what they are there to do and to work effectively to deliver the results that they want.  Delivered through a combination of dynamic coaching sessions and workshops, the process develops:

• Alignment behind challenging and motivating goals
• Strong working relationships
• Clear roles and accountabilities
• Clarity on strategy and process
• Positive and dynamic team culture


Oneworks is a powerful 1:1 coaching programme for leaders who want to set their sights higher and to think and act in new and creative ways to achieve their goals.  It helps people to get clear on what they are there to do and to work effectively to deliver the results they want.  Delivered by an experienced Wild Thinking coach, sessions are:

• Supported by your line manager
• Structured around you
• Aligned to your organisation
• Directed by your key priorities
• Goal orientated

Developing a High Performance Culture

Designed for organisations wanting to significantly develop their working culture to a point where performance and effectiveness are at the core of the way that their people think and work together. Programmes are fully tailored, but typically would include:

• Initial goal setting workshop
• Leadership coaching
• Staff engagement workshops
• Creating a Performance Charter
• Training and supporting in-house performance coaches
• Establishing a performance dashboard
• Performance review sessions

Operations Excellence

Operations Excellence is all about commitment to achieving the highest standards of performance. Making the transition, however, need not be as daunting as it sounds. It is all about having clear direction of travel and process in place to encourage everyone to take part. Small improvements, over time, add up to big performance advantages!

Our approach to Operations Excellence puts the workforce at the center of their own performance development. Rather than a big consultancy driven approach that is parachuted in, we work with leaders and their teams to agree clear performance goals. We then work with you to set up the systems needed to facilitate and encourage a constant search for opportunities to improve efficiency.
The programmes are bespoke, but typically include:

• Kick off workshops
• A Culture survey
• Training Performance Coaches
• Developing Performance Coaches
• Engagement workshops
• Review sessions

Building and Sustaining a High Performance Team

Teams really matter to organisations. They are the building blocks of a performance culture. High Performing Teams will always be more effective than groups in delivering results. The challenge is that many emerging leaders do not understand how teams work and may struggle to build a genuinely strong team.

Our approach is to support leaders to be able to identify their team’s key development opportunities, to understand their natural strengths and weaknesses and put in place a development strategy that is fully grounded in working on actual live issues.