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“Sir Ian Wood says ‘imaginative’ thinking needed to stimulate North Sea oil industry”

Press Association 2015

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Oil and Gas Sector

Wild Thinking has worked in the Oil and Gas sector since we launched the business in 2009.  In that time we have worked extensively with BP, Shell, Archer, Aker, and EnQuest.

How do we add value in the complex and challenging world of the North Sea?  Our offer is simple – we are facilitators!  We don’t pretend to have the answers but we know how to ask the right questions – the questions that get people thinking differently and working collaboratively.  You can find details of the key areas that we work in below – Decommissioning, DWOPs and Operations Excellence.  In addition, we also regularly get involved in:

  • Strategy development
  • Leadership and Project Team Coaching
  • Business planning
  • Project Kick Offs


We have worked consistently in decommissioning projects since 2009 and have completed a number of major projects in that time.  The main focus has been Plug and Abandonment, where our role as Performance Coaches has included the following:

  • P&A crew engagement
  • Performance management
  • Supervisor leadership skills training
  • Supervisor performance coaching off-shore
  • Platform and P&A crew collaboration
  • Coaching and development of rig managers
  • Continual improvement


We have delivered in excess of 20 major DWOP, CWOP and IWOP sessions over the last 3 years.  These sessions have a major part to play in getting the drilling programme right, but also in making sure that everyone involved is working well as one team.  Our approach to Wells on Paper sessions is all about working closely with drilling teams to plan and deliver:

  • Bespoke formats that deliver technical value and team development
  • Tailored approaches to the specific context of different wells
  • Engagement and motivation for the participants
  • Clear and usable outputs that feed into the action tracking process
  • Development opportunities for the staff involved – presentation skills and eventually facilitating DWOPs themselves

Operations Excellence

We have a real depth of experience in developing programmes focused on improving operations efficiency. Rather than buy in to a large off the shelf consultancy based approach, clients have chosen to work with Wild Thinking. Why? Simple – they want to avoid the “not invented here” syndrome.

Our coaching based approach helps Operations teams to work together to put in place and run their own programmes of activity – programmes that they feel real ownership of. When people are empowered they will go the extra mile to find the savings and put in place the innovation that makes the difference. Some assets that have taken part in our Operations Excellence programmes have managed to reduce production costs per barrel by almost 50%!  Typically, our involvement includes:

  • Programme design and development
  • Engagement workshops to roll out programmes
  • Training Operations Excellence coaches and Operations Supervisors
  • Facilitating challenge sessions to help identify improvement strategies