how we work

We know that arranging workshops, training and off-sites can be challenging.  Our 6-step process is designed to make it as easy as possible for you:

Step 1 – Free Consultation

We like to talk through your requirements and inject a bit of creativity and challenge in to these meetings.  Our hope is that you will come away from this clearer on opportunities to build energy and creativity in your team.

Step 2 – Proposal

Our proposal will include an overview of our intended approach, recommendations for venue and logistics, a step-by-step PDF template (Planning-Delivery-Follow-up) and full costs.

Step 3 – Pre-Work & Design

On acceptance of our proposal, we will then create a project plan with clear roles and responsibilities.  We will also create a detailed design for the workshop, with plenty of input from your team to make sure that people feel a real sense of ownership of the process.

Step 4 – Facilitate Workshop

For the workshop, you can turn up very much in the role of participant – fully able to engage with the rest of your group, entrusting Wild Thinking to facilitate the smooth running of the day.  As creative facilitators, Wild Thinking recognise that flexibility is key to being able to follow all the energy in the room.

Step 5 – Create Write-up

After the workshop, Wild Thinking will put together a write-up of the workshop within 3 working days – complete with all the imagery, graphics and discussion points that made the workshop memorable and effective.

Step 6 – Follow-Up

If the workshop write-up ends in the drawer and nothing changes, then we have failed! We will sit down with you after the workshop to focus on what needs to happen next to make sure that you achieve your objectives taking full advantage of the creativity and ideas generated.