How to Facilitate a Great Team Refresh Workshop

What is a Team Refresh Workshop? In short, it is an opportunity to take time out together, to check in with how everyone is doing, to look at what is working well and what needs to change. It is about engagement and communication.

Why now? The window of opportunity is short if teams want things to be different in the future. Unless they take time out to pause and reflect, things will return quickly to the way they were and the moment for change will have passed. With the right approach, team refresh sessions can be engaging, positive, and massively valuable – helping team members to share their thoughts openly, to identify potential opportunities, and to align around change.

Who is it for? Really anyone that is working in a team that has been affected by what has been happening in the last few months. It is for anyone who cares about how the future looks and wants to open up the conversation with their team, identify changes that need to be made and get things done.

What will look we be looking at?

This will be a proper, practical “how to” session. We will be covering:

  • why having a facilitator is a good idea
  • how to design a session that flows well
  • encouraging openness and creativity
  • building engagement
  • making decisions and reaching alignment

Plus, everyone that attends will receive a specially created “How to run a great team refresh workshop guide”

When is it and how do I join?

12th August at 4.00pm. You can find the registration link above or in this video. We look forward to seeing you there.

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