Great Teamwork: It’s all in the balance!

Let’s imagine, your playing Fantasy Football and you get the chance to design your ultimate dream team.  Do you go for broke and pick 11 of the world’s greatest strikers? Of course not: your goal would be wide open. You need to field the right balance of players that excel in different positions – players that understand their strengths and can play together brilliantly.

Your team at work is no different. If for example, it is full of people focusing on detail, then who is looking at the bigger picture? What if you have a team full of people fired up by finding the next big idea, then how is anything ever going to get finished? It’s easy for teams to get out of balance and then a few own goals can even slip through.

Great team performance happens when you have a balance of people playing different roles – some focusing on the thinking required, some driving forward the task and others looking after leadership and the team.

At Wild Thinking we use Belbin Team Roles.  It is a brilliant tool for helping people to understand how to bring about a balanced team. After a simple online assessment, you will know all about the roles that you and your teammates prefer. Then you can start to make sure that everyone is playing to his or her strengths in a properly balanced dream team!

The 9 Belbin Team Roles were identified as the result of extensive research in to what makes successful teams work. Unlike personality profiling tools, Belbin doesn’t pigeonhole people. What it does do is show people that they have the ability to play in a number of different roles – depending on what the team needs to keep it balanced.

We are fully accredited to deliver Belbin and the feedback that we get from our clients shows that it can be a powerful tool for change.  Get into touch with us if you would like to know more.

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