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“The opponent in one’s own head is more formidable than the one on the other side of the net.”
Tim Gallwey

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Executive, team and leadership coaching

We have more than 10 years  experience of delivering high impact performance coaching for teams, leaders and individuals in Scotland and internationally.

We believe the role of a great coach is to help you to set your sights higher and to think and act in new and creative ways to achieve your goals. Our approach is structured and carefully tailored around clear objectives and outcomes.

Who is it for:
Leaders: Emerging and established leaders looking for support to improve and develop performance and impact in the workplace.

Teams: Looking for support to develop their performance  and effectiveness over time

What to expect:
Our 1:1 and team coaching programmes are designed around the needs of individuals and teams, within the context of agreed aims and objectives
The programmes can include specific leadership development work, peer feedback, as well as goal centred performance coaching.
Clear, goal centred approach
Developing leadership  and team-working skills
Alignment between personal and organisational goals
Confidence, energy and proactivity
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Transistion into leadership