DWOP illust

“Before anything else,
preparation is the key to success”,
Alexander Graham Bell.

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Technical Workshops


Who is it for:

Wells teams looking to get the most from their pre-drilling meetings. If your DWOPs or technical meetings are typically little more than long, tiring days working through detailed plans, then you are missing a great opportunity. Wild Thinking will work with you to design and deliver DWOPs that:

  • Improve communication and encourage open dialogue
  • Engage the team with your key success factors
  • Generate valuable feedback and improvement opportunities
What to expect:

Using our Best Practice approach, we will work with the client lead to ensure that the preparation, delivery and follow up stages are structured and energised. Typically, we will do the following:

  • Venue search and selection
  • Developing the invitee list
  • Creating workshop materials including agenda
  • Developing the process to be used for the plan / programme review
  • Circulating pre-read materials
  • Briefing and coaching speakers
  • Reviewing speakers presentations
  • Facilitation of the event
  • Creation and distribution of a post-workshop write up
  • Follow up session with client lead

Wild Thinking have worked with major oil and gas clients to refine an approach to these workshops that consistently deliver high performance outcomes including:

  • Knowledge sharing
  • Better communication between partners
  • Clarity on success criteria
  • Challenge culture
  • Teamwork