Your people are your business

But how engaged are they in their work?

Research shows that as few as 13% of employees are fully engaged in their work. Think what your business could achieve if you could unlock the talent, energy and commitment of the other 87%! Imagine what it would be like if culture was driven by a sense of collective ownership, alignment behind the same goals and people giving their best to achieve great things.

What is Cultureworks?

Cultureworks is all about people and their behaviour. It is a facilitated culture change process that helps people to appreciate the behaviours that will help to drive organisational success and increased personal fulfillment. The process is totally people centred. It puts the responsibility for change firmly in the hands of the workforce, helping them to drive innovation, engagement & results. Underpinned by world class Everything DiSC™ profiling tools, Cultureworks helps people to get to know themselves and others better. It helps them to develop more effective and dynamic working relationships that become the core of your workplace culture.

The process is highly customisable. Based around workshops delivered by experienced and knowledgeable facilitators, the style is very experiential, with participants taking part in challenges that drive insights, learning and fun.


Delivered through a combination of dynamic workshops, the process develops:

  • Improved leadership clarity and alignment
  • People working to their full potential
  • Shared focus on innovation and results

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